St Ives

The project involved the redevelopment of a single storey, much altered residence originally constructed during the early 1960s. The brief was to build a family home that had disabled access to the upper level. The owners were also open to an environmentally sustainable design and the resulting architectural concept driving this design is the clear expression of the roof and its role in controlling and providing light, shade and shelter.

The building challenge was to interpret the sustainable design, implement disabled access and build onto the parts of the original building that were retained. The result is an internal environment that requires very little heating or cooling even in the height of summer and depth of winter. Read client testimonial.


  • Exposed structural steel roof supports
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Commercial grade aluminium window units
  • Tiled inlay to timber flooring
  • Single spine open riser staircase

Architect: Martin Pickrell

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